Due to COVID-19, DeliFreshGo are going above and beyond to continue working safely for all.

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Feel Safe in these times with DeliFreshGo

Feel Safe with DeliFreshGo

Catering and chef services “The New Normal”
We are living in unprecedented times and the business of catering has been deeply affected.
In response to this we have implemented a number of measures to ensure the safety of clients and staff.
Where appropriate, we are still supporting smaller, private events, offering our Private Chef at home Services and delivering gourmet food on the Costa del Sol.

We are reviewing the business and our operations day by day and are in constant contact with government food handling departments and workplace safety consultants.

For film and TV projects we have a protocol in the workplace document. If you are a producer please do not hesitate to get in touch with us in order to find out how we are working in the new normal and continuing to offer our delicious crew food experiences.

For corporate catering we have revised our menus and protocols in order to ensure we can provide a service

All Food & Beverage processes have undergone a reorganisation that affects everything from logistics to preparation, delivery, cleaning and disinfection and payment methods.

At Delifreshgo we now require that our suppliers have health certifications and a delivery process with strict control protocols – meaning that we can be confident that we are looking after our customers and clients.

Considering the situation, we have expanded our cancellation policy to allow our clients to change their plans without being penalized, offering different alternatives to select from.
Furthermore, we have created specific guidelines for our chefs and service staff to adopt strict safety food practices in order to mitigate any potential risk in our services. All our staff have completed Covid19 food handling safety courses, we have invested in PPE/EPIS and our business has already been inspected by the local food handling department of the town hall to ensure that we are following the strict government guidelines.

For corporate bookings our Event Coordinators are up to date with all guidelines and can offer advice and quote for events on an individual basis
On a final note – we are here to help, to look after you all and to make experiences and memories where we can. If you do have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at enquiry@delifreshgo.com