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TV, Film, Commercials & Craft Services in Fuengirola

TV, Film, Commercials & Craft Service caterers in Fuengirola

It all started in 2006 when we fed the crew and artists on our first shoot in Benalmadena on the Costa del Sol. Since then we have fed crew and artists in Almeria, Tangiers, Barcelona, Malaga, Valencia, London, Mallorca and The Algarve (to name a few!).

Our focus for location catering in Fuengirola is to ensuring that everyone involved in the production is well fed and catered for. First, we make sure we get the basics right – like working to production schedules and call sheets and making sure we are ready on time, with high quality food. There are also some other things we do to separate us from our competitors.

  1. We have a Registro Sanitario - This is Europe-recognised, national legislation for food handling. This number means that our business has been approved to supply catering services both from our own kitchens (including our trucks on location in Fuengirola) and those belonging to a 3rd party (i.e field kitchens, in-venue kitchens etc). Not all caterers have a Regsitro which makes contracting them very risky. The fact that we have a Registro means that we comply with Spanish and European food handling laws (HACCAP). Our staff are trained in the safe handling, preparation and serving food, meaning that as a production company you are covered in case of any food-related risks. Having a Regsitro also means that we can work throughout Europe and in certain venues such as conference centers and exhibition halls.
  2. We have in-house compliance; meaning that we are constantly keeping up with HACCAP guidelines and laws, workplace safety and employment legislation.
  3. Our relationships with our suppliers means that we can offer outstanding value across the board for all our catered meals and craft services in Fuengirola and throughout Spain.
  4. Our vehicles are designed specifically for the jobs undertaken. We can re-fit trucks where necessary or custom build kitchens or specialist equipment to ensure the smooth running of your production. We currently own 2x customised kitchen trucks, our own cold-prep or pantry truck and a 4x4 customised craft or coffee vehicle. Our customised kitchen trucks mean that we can deliver delicious menus to Fuengirola or any other location on budget and on time!
  5. We are multi-lingual! We think that speaks for itself
  6. We have years of experience – whether we are catering for a high-end commercial; a movie, TV drama, reality show or a live TV transmission from Fuengirola we can approach a project and offer the benefit of our experience when planning and implementing a project

For film and TV projects we love getting stuck in! Location catering in Fuengirola is as much about logistics as it is about delivering great food. We understand what base camp is, we know about craft services and we also know that film crews can be a fussy bunch! We work hard to make sure that we offer fantastic breakfasts, tasty lunches and fabulous craft – and provide the risk assessment, allergen information and logistical know-how to go with our menus.

We are experienced at serving running lunches – especially where large crews are concerned! So we can make sure that we keep queuing to a minimum and that key departments are looked after if they are working away on set while the rest of the crew are eating. If you are shooting a long way from base, we can provide hot boxed meals to set and of course provide support to difficult terrains via our 4x4 support vehicle.

For longer projects with large crews, we know that choice is key and so we can offer street food options from selected food trucks on set to make sure that the crew don't get bored. Vegetarian and Vegan options are taken extremely seriously by our chefs so we make sure we don't just offer 1 option on set.

Recent Industry Credits

  • 2013 – Exodus Gods & Kings Spain
  • 2013 – Love Nest Monster TV Marbella
  • 2014 – Tomorrowland Valencia Spain Disney
  • 2014 – American Sniper Morroco Warner Bros
  • 2015 – Game Of Thrones Season 5 Spain
  • 2015 – Ex on the Beach Portugal MTV
  • 2015 – BBC The Night Manager Mallorca Spain
  • 2015 – Film London Heist
  • 2015 – UK  Love Island Series 1
  • 2016 – Prank Pad London ITV2
  • 2016 - Ant & Dec Saturday Night Takeway Barcelona
  • 2016 – UK Love Island Season 2
  • 2016 - Jamestown Drama Cadiz Carnival TV
  • 2016 - Take Me Out Isle of Fernandos -ITV
  • 2016 - Milk & Honey Film Malaga
  • 2017 – UK Love Island Season 3
  • 2017 – Ex on the beach Spain
  • 2017 – German Love Island Germany Season 1
  • 2018 – Ex on the Beach Italy
  • 2018 – Undercover Girlfriend Marbella Channel 5
  • 2018 – Black Mirror Spain
  • 2018-Ex On The Beach Italy  MTV
  • 2018-FTTH Conference Valencia Spain 3k Guests catered for per day
  • 2018-Living The Dream-Sky
  • 2018-Undercover Girlfreinds- Marbella
  • 2018-OTG Success Summit Marbella
  • 2018 Be Pro Festival Madrid
  • 2018 Foreigner Tour Spain
  • 2018-Lee & Dean Channel 4
  • 2019-UFC Tournament Sweden
  • 2019-German Love Island Mallorca Season 3
  • 2019-Polish Love Island Marbella Season 1
  • 2019-The Villa Blue Circle Holland Lloret de Mar
  • 2019-Celebrity Ex On The Beach Marbella MTV
  • 2019-Mad Cool Festival Madrid Crew Catering
  • 2019-Pendoza -Film Holland Malaga
  • 2019-True Things About You Film-Malaga
  • 2019-TOWIE Summer Special Marbella Lime Pictures
  • 2019-Warrior Nun Netflix Malaga
  • 2019-Malaka Malaga Globomedia
  • 2020-Polish Love Island Season 2 Marbella
  • 2020-Operation Mincemeat Malaga Marbella
  • 2021-Toy Boy Netflix  Malaga
  • 2021-Polish Love Island Season 3 Marbella
  • 2021-BUZA -Endemol Shine Holland -Almeria
  • 2021-The Magic Flute  Tenerife
  • 2021-My Gay Best Friend German ITV Tenerife
  • 2021-Ludo  Drama Amazon Germany
  • 2021- Bachelor In Paradise  Warner Bros Germany
  • 2021-UK Love Island Season 6
  • 2021-German Love Island  Winter Edition Tenerife
  • 2021-Hustle Adam Sandler Netflix Mallorca
  • 2021-German Love Island Mallorca
  • 2021-Language Of Love Channel 4 Marbella
  • 2021-Red Notice Malaga  Netflix
  • 2021-Killing Eve BBC Cadiz
  • 2021-Superhoe BBC Malaga
  • 2021-His Dark Materials HBO Malaga
  • 2021-Riot Games  Valorant Championship Potsdam -Concom
  • 2021-La Casa De Papel /Moneyheist Live Broadcast Madrid Netflix

For commercials in Fuengirola we can offer an all-inclusive service to include tents, seating and tables. Our craft service runs all day keeping hungry crew fed and watered whilst shooting. For clients we have a separate craft table with drinks and snacks. We understand that your client needs looking after and that's why we strive to make sure that we have a polite, uniformed member of staff on set

Our trucks are 100% power self-sufficient. We have our own generators meaning that we can set up and serve all our meals without location support. For difficult terrains, we have a 4x4 pickup with it's own built-in generator that can deliver power, food and drinks wherever you are shooting.

Here are just a few of the brands we have worked with

  • Danone – Tarifa
  • Skania – Andalucia
  • McDonalds – Mallorca
  • Quick – Mallorca
  • Florette – Murcia
  • H&M – Mallorca
  • Lidl – Mallorca
  • Tesco Mobile – Mallorca
  • Trivago – Mallorca
  • O2 – Malaga
  • Ford – Mallorca
  • – Mallorca

And Music Video Clients Include:

  • Jamiroquai
  • Cheryly Cole
  • Basshunter
  • The Saturdays
  • and many more....

For further information on all of these above services and much more, contact us on: